Work Values Assessment

When I re-took the MBTI in late August along with students in a course I'm teaching, we also had the chance to complete the Work Values assessment.

I finally found the PDF of those results and wanted to include them in this series. If you're following along, this is another in a series of posts I've been writing over the past month or so. I'm looking back at the results of various personality, communication styles and strengths assessments I've taken over the course of my adult life.

Work Values Clusters

This particular assessment is based responses to 20 statements. These responses measure work needs based on importance and yield results which are classified into six core work values: Achievement, Independence, Recognition, Relationships, Support and Working Conditions.

My top two work needs are: Independence and Achievement.

Work Values Assessment Sheree Martin

Work Values: Independence

Independence encompasses three needs:

  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Autonomy

Work Values: Achievement

The top needs associated with the Achievement value are:

  • Ability Utilization
  • Achievement

I'm excited by what seems to be a consistent thread that's evident across all of these results and I can't wait to finish up my evaluation of all the data.


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