What Is Wealth?

Wealth is subjective.

Each of us defines wealth in our own way.

For many, wealth is about financial independence. For others, wealth is about status symbols: Owning or possessing material goods that are desirable according to the norms of a particular social group.

Wealth can also be measured in personal relationships. Most people, regardless of socio-economic status consider themselves wealthy if they have a life that’s rich in friendship and connection.

For most of us, myself included, wealth begins with relationships, community and connection. But it also extends into the realm of financial independence.

Wealth is also relative.

What is wealthy in one context is poverty in another, and what is poverty in one social system can be classified as wealthy in comparison to others.

A poverty-level subsistence monthly income in the United States will vastly exceed the annual subsistence income needs in other places.

We all recognize this relativity, even if our financial and economic system makes arbitrary and artificial distinctions that do not reflect the reality of context.

Define & Create Your Future

I recently wrote a post called 10 Things We Should Be Teaching College Students. That post was inspired, in part, by the amazing opportunity we have today to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and create and deliver products and services that provide value for others while generating income that leads to financial independence.

Earlier in my professional life, I took steps to pursue a life as an entrepreneur but we had many more constraints in those days. It's exciting to see the new opportunities available to nearly everyone today for nominal capital investment.

Today, it’s possible to set up a self-hosted WordPress site for less than $75 per year and, with creative ideas and motivation, build a business. The infrastructure costs that I faced in 1990 and 2000 have largely evaporated. Some businesses still require significant capital, but even those see lower and lower costs.

In 2000 I was writing about the future of the fabrication industry for Fabrication Equipment News. 3D printing was a glimmer on the horizon. Today, it’s a reality.

Entrepreneurship Enables Connection And Builds Communities

The wonderful thing about financial independence is that it enables connection. When we have time to spend with family and friends we can nurture each other, support each other, and build relationships that bring us true wealth.

When we are financially independent we can operate outside the command-and-control corporate structures where all the profits created by the efforts of labor flow upward and outward.

When we are financially independent we can chart our path and create the life we want, rather than selling our time for dollars. Yes, it requires work. But the reward is worth the effort.

Are You Ready To Get On The Path?

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