The Happy Life Manifesto has 95 theses, just like Martin Luther. Here are the first 19.

1. It starts with love.

2.  You must believe #1.

3. You are worthy of love and capable of receiving and giving love.

4. You must believe #3.

5. Each of us is here for a reason. We each have a purpose. I have a purpose. You have a purpose.

6. It takes effort.

7. You are either growing or not.

8. If you are not growing, you are shriveling.

9. Growth means something has changed.

10. Change is good. (See #9.)

11. Growth comes from doing something new or doing something in a different way.

12. Growth is a process not an outcome.

13.  Growth requires uncertainty.

14. Uncertainty is good. (See #13).

15.  Uncertainty triggers fear.

16. We fear the unknown.

17. Our brains respond to all fears as if they were life-threatening.

18. Very little uncertainty is life-threatening.

19. Security is an illusion.

I just remembered that I committed to publishing a new blog post every day this month. Today, I was dodging lemons again. So I decided to just publish the first 19 theses from the first draft of my Happy Life Manifesto, written in February 2013.

I'm not sure if I have any family kinship to Martin Luther, but I like to imagine I do. In any event, Martin Luther was an Instigator.

The first draft of my intro to the Happy Life Manifesto.

Props to the following who probably influenced me. This is a partial list. I am tired.


Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln


Helen Keller

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Harper Lee, Atticus Finch & To Kill a Mockingbird

Mrs. Emma Peel See also: Martha Washington, Emma Peel & Ideas

Seth Godin

Kamal Ravikant

James Altucher

Srinivas Rao


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