Since 2012 I have launched 4 podcasts under the Shinecast® brand. Scroll down for sample episodes embedded below or visit the podcast website.

  • Shine Springs Farm Shinecast®
  • Birmingham Shines – A Shinecast® Show
  • Ignite Alabama Podcast
  • Discover Grow Shinecast®

Shinecast® is a registered trademark owned by me.

The Shine Springs Farm Shinecast and Birmingham Shines shows are still active and available through all podcast platforms. New episodes are in the works for both of these shows and a new podcast is also in the works with plans to launch later in 2021.

I eventually discontinued the RSS feed for the Ignite Alabama and Discover Grow Shinecast after cancellation, but episodes are still available through Soundcloud.

Shine Springs Farm Shinecast®

Launched September 2, 2012

Birmingham Shines – A Shinecast® Show

Launched April 30, 2015

Ignite Alabama

Launched June 2015. Due to workload and lack of sponsorship, I eventually stopped producing new episodes to focus on other projects.

Ignite Alabama episodes are still available through SoundCloud.

In 2019, another organization asked me to transfer the Ignite Alabama domain for their separate project. At the time, I still had a website for the Ignite Alabama podcast and did not have time to migrate the site elsewhere to a new URL. I informed the other group's representative that there were a lot of Ignite this-that-and-the-other projects and movements in Alabama and that I probably would not revive the podcast. Ultimately, that group began actively marketing its events and services under the Ignite Alabama brand and I gave up. I took down my Ignite Alabama website in 2021 to avoid confusion.

Discover Grow Shinecast®

Launched July 2015