Sheree MartinHi–I’m Sheree Martin: Catalyst for change. I’m an innovator, explorer, creator, teacher, writer and entrepreneur–just like my hero Ben Franklin.

And I have a mission: To inspire YOU to be curious about the world around you and to become the person you were designed to be.

Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thoreau, Helen Keller, Leonardo da Vinci…..They weren’t stuck into boxes or pigeonholes. They weren’t trapped by people who said, “Stick to one thing, that’s the path to success.”

They set out to live the Renaissance ideal of pursing knowledge in all realms and becoming masters of their lives, despite whatever odds or forces were against them.

Throughout my life, I’ve followed the model and path of the Renaissance thinkers and do-ers. My goal has always been to become my best self, to pursue the vision and purpose for my life.

And, in doing so, to serve others and make the world a better place.

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5 Comments on “About Sheree”

  1. Wow! Ironically I was just searching the internet based on my Gallup Strengthsfinder to help with a job search. Who am I kidding “What the heck am I going to do with my life ” search, and came across your blog on your Strengthfinders results. Well my strengths are empathy, connectedness, strategic, ideation and individualization. I have always been fascinated with the life and wisdom of Ben Franklin and by the name Sheree Smith. LOL Thank you for validating what I never realized. It is really OK not be pigeon-holed. I look forward to reading your blogs.

  2. Hi Sheree–

    Thanks for your comment. It IS quite interesting that we both have the name Sheree and have this need to avoid being stuffed into categories and boxes.

    I recently read a very well-done empirical study that compared generalists who know a lot about many topics (not just a little about a lot) and those who are specialists who have deep knowledge in one particular area. The results revealed that successful entrepreneurs are most likely to be those who are the generalists who can see across the spectrum of ideas, while the specialists are most likely to always remain employees.

    As we move more rapidly into the era of needing to be the CEO of your life/career (no more “careers” just temporary income-producing situations (at best, for those seeking employment), the need to know a lot of subjects, quickly recognize ideas and opportunities and pivot across diverse terrain means that Ben Franklin’s approach will be the best way to go, at least for those who can let go of the need for the illusion of security!

    I hope you find your path and if I can help in anyway, don’t hesitate to stay in touch.


    PS: I had a school friend going up named Sherene Smith. It seems that the name Sheree is more common than I realized growing up. All the best to you!

  3. Hey Sheree!

    I have really enjoyed the Birmingham Shines podcast and think you have had some fantastic guest on and look forward to each new episode that shows up in my feed.

    I was wondering if there was an email address to contact you, I have some questions I wanted to ask

    Thanks and keep up the great work