Freelance assignments (2016-2017)

In 2016-2017  I worked as a freelance writer (ghostwriter) for the Alabama Media Group to write sponsored content articles and continued my work as content marketing consultant/writer for Vulcan Security Systems LLC.

The articles linked below were published on (and possibly other digital media properties in the Advanced Digital corporate family) and continue to be available as of my last check in 2021

Since I was a ghostwriter of these articles as sponsored content, I do not have a byline. However, I confirmed with my content manager in 2017 that I have permission from the Alabama Media Group to share links to these in my portfolio.

The following is a partial list of the sponsored articles I've written:

AMG Client/Advertiser: ROYAL CUP COFFEE

The Transformative Power of the Birmingham Experience Known as Sloss Fest (Published August, 2016)

AMG Client/Advertiser: Wallace State Community College

Fast Track to Success at Wallace State (Published May 25, 2017)

Art as Conversation, Art as Education, Art as Mirror to Understanding (Published April 26, 2017)

Get on the Road to Success With a Career in Transportation: It's Not Just About Driving a Truck (Published December 29, 2016)

From Choices to Pathways: Wallace State Helps Students Move Forward (Published November 3, 2016)

AMG Client/Advertiser: Austal USA

Revitalization of Manufacturing: Rise of Shipbuilding in Mobile (published July 1, 2016)

Link to a second article to be added later, if I can locate it.

AMG Client/Advertiser: Royal Cup Coffee

The Transformative Power of the Birmingham Experience Known as Sloss Fest (published August 31, 2016)

AMG Client/Advertiser: Mayor Tim Kant

At the time of the article, Tim Kant was mayor of the City of Fairhope, running for reelection.

A Performing Arts Center to Inspire the City of Fairhope (published August 8, 2016)

AMG Client/Advertiser: Yulista

Building Culture: Yulista Expansion Grows Footprint and Workforce (July 22, 2016)

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