This is a list of some of my academic service and administrative work as a faculty member at Samford University and Oklahoma State University.

Samford University

Faculty Senate: Beginning Fall 2011- May 2014

College of Arts & Sciences Scholarship Committee: Fall 2013

Ad-hoc Strategic Enrollment Committee: 2010-2011 academic year

Participated in two meetings in Fall 2010 semester to encourage development of mobile apps for Samford University

Samford University JMC Department Commitee & General Service Activities

JMC Alumni & Homecoming Committee

–Appointed as chair of this department committee effective Fall 2014

JMC Search Committees

–Served on three faculty search committees in Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 and another in Spring 2014

JMC Curriculum Committee

–Created a new course, Social Media Practices and shephered this course through approval by the University Curriculum Committee. (2012-2013)

–Handled paperwork and approval process to add Principles of Public Relations as an elective course in the JMC department. (2013)

–Handled paperwork and approval process to add Media of Religion as an elective course in the JMC Department (2014)

–Extensive work over 5 years to develop a new curriculum for the Samford JMC program. Actively participated in numerous meetings to discuss possible revisions to JMC Curriculum and contributed valuable ideas, such as the use of the term “storytelling” as a motif in the department’s core courses.

–In addition to meeting with fellow faculty to discuss curriculum proposals, I met for several hours with Dr. Jimmy Gentry, University of Kansas, in August 2010 to discuss ideas for curriculum change

–Over the course of the first year of the curriculum review, I performed extensive research and reading to gather information related to curriculum topics in the rapidly-evolving new media environment and shared the most relevant with Dr. Dennis Jones, who was then-serving as chair of the curriculum committee.

JMC Advisory Council

–Attended meeting during Homecoming 2014 and managed the refreshments for the event.

–Attended meeting during Homecoming 2013

–Attended meeting during Homecoming 2011

–Attended meeting during Homecoming 2010 and took extensive notes to serve as a record of the meeting.

–Attended meeting during during Homecoming 2009 and arranged for refreshments.

Co-Adviser to Sojourn, Samford’s campus literary journal

Sole Adviser, Spring 2011, Spring 2012 – Spring 2015

Co-Adviser, Fall 2010 and Fall 2011

One edition published each semester

Samford University JMC Department Events Planning/Events Publicity

Samford JMC High School Journalism Workshop

Coordinator: 2010, 2011 and 2012 events

–Attended by 230 (2009) and 300 (2010) high school students and advisers.

–Involved approximately 40 hours of work each year from late July through mid-September to plan, organize and prepare this event

–2011 event featured eight Birmingham-area media professionals that I identified and invited based on programming goals. The remaining sessions were condcuted by Samford JMC faculty or administrators.

–Designed and created workshop program.

Workshop Session Instructor: 2009

–Taught workshop session on First Amendment and copyright law topics for school media advisers and student journalists.

Timothy Robinson Forum: Jason Reid, The Washington Post

–Wrote the official news release used by Samford Office of Communication to publicize the event.

–Created the official program for the 2010 Timothy Robinson Forum

–Supervised students in JMC 492: Principles of Public Relations who “live-tweeted” the event for class credit

–Set up Eventbrite event registration to facilitate publicity to friends and family of Timothy Robinson.

JMC “Reconnect” and Wall of Fame Activities During Homecoming


–Created and managed “E-vite” to send to Samford JMC Alumni to facilitate RSVPs and planning.

–Created and managed a JMC Reconnect Twitter account to also use to share and engage with Samford JMC alumni and friends

–Edited biography of Dennis Jones for the JMC Homecoming 2010 Wall of Fame Ceremony brochure.


–Coordinated all “day of” activities, including supervision of student volunteers who were helping to greet alumni, register guests for the evening “after party.” Made signs to help JMC advisory council and guests find the various events.

–Handled check-ins of alumni and guests for the first hour of the evening “after party” held at the Historic Rucker Place.

–Edited copy written by others for the JMC Homecoming 2009 Wall of Fame Ceremony brochure.

JMC Awards Picnic 2010, 2012, 2014

–Coordinator for the 2010, 2012 events.

–Created official program listing all awards and award-recipients.

School of Journalism & Broadcasting: Oklahoma State University

Arts & Sciences Faculty Council: Fall 2005 – Fall 2006

Secretary: Fall 2006

Personnel Committee: Fall 2006 – July 2007

Student Services & Extension Committee: Fall 2004 – July 2007

Communications Committee (ad-hoc committee): Fall 2003 – July 2007

Academic Integrity Coordinator for School of Journalism & Broadcasting: 2006-2007

Strategic Planning Committee (ad-hoc committee): Fall 2003 – Spring 2004

Dr. John McGuire and I coordinated the SJB’s strategic planning research and plan development, as part of the university-wide development of a strategic planning initiative.

Search Committee for one year visiting assistant professor of public relations: Spring 2006

Search Committee for tenure-track advertising position: Spring 2004

SJB Team Captain, Fall 2005 United Way campaign

Faculty Associate, OSU Residential Life: 2004 – 2005

Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association

–Assisted with judging of student work: OBEA Student Competition, February 2004

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