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Podcast Consulting was a business initiative I launched in the third quarter of 2015, after the summer launch of my three new podcasts [in addition to the original Shine Springs Farm Shinecast®]. The consulting aspect of my venture never took off, despite meeting with (and pitching to) several businesses who expressed an interest. Unfortunately, they chose not to move forward. In hindsight, podcasting had not quite taken off yet as a social phenomenon and the decision-makers didn't really know how pervasive podcasts would soon become.


I help businesses and nonprofits develop audio content strategies for inbound (content) marketing.

Sheree Martin is your on-demand business audio content strategist and producer. Visit for details.

What Is A Podcast? 

It’s simply on-demand radio.

Podcast listening is booming. See the Podcast Audience Fact Sheet for the latest statistics [in development, coming March 13, 2016].

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The term “podcast” was originally coined to refer to digital audio talk shows that listeners subscribed to using an RSS feed, usually through iTunes, and played through an iPod or computer.

An estimated 57 million Americans listen to at least one podcast each month, according to the latest data from Edison Research & Triton Digital: 2016 Infinite Dial Report. Sheree Martin is your on-demand business audio content strategist and producer. Visit for details.

Today, “podcast” is usually a synonym for any type of on-demand, “talk radio” audio file distributed through some internet channel in .mp3 format for easy playback on any type of device.

I often use on-demand audio, on-demand radio, and podcast interchangeably, depending on the audience.

Everyone understands the concept of on-demand radio—that’s what a podcast is.

Why should a business have its own on-demand radio station?

Every Brand, Every Person is a Media Company today, thanks to the power of the internet coupled with digital media technology. The traditional media gatekeepers are no longer in control. Sheree Martin is your on-demand business audio content strategist and producer. Visit for details.

Thanks to the smart phone tablet explosion, listeners can access podcasts anywhere, anytime.

One of the best places to reach an audience is in the car, but traditional radio advertising is ephemeral, expensive and hard-to-target.

As an example for prospective consulting clients in the Birmingham area:

  • 460,000+ commuters travel by car to work each day in the Birmingham – Hoover Metro Area
    • 427,121 are alone in their vehicle during the commute to and from work.
    • Median age of this group: 42.3 years

Source:, The Brookings Institution & 2013 American Community Survey

More than 427,000 workers in the Birmingham - Hoover metro area drive to work alone each business day and the average commute is 25 minutes each way. That’s 50 minutes in the car. Source: 2013 American Community Survey (US Census Bureau), analyzed by the Brookings Institution and reported by Sheree Martin is your on-demand business audio content strategist and producer. Visit for details.

I began podcasting in 2012 and even included a podcasting module in the social media / content marketing course I developed at taught at Samford University. I was a little bit ahead of the curve because not everyone in 2013-2014 saw podcasting as a marketing tool for business.

Serial was released midway through semester the last time I taught the course and students suddenly “discovered” podcasting and began to think differently about how businesses and nonprofits could use audio content to tell a brand story.

Podcast strategy consulting is a natural fit for my experience and skillset. I went “online” in 1990 when I joined Prodigy and never left).

My Podcasting Experience

I began podcasting in September 2012, after I spent the summer devouring online resources to teach myself everything I could about podcasting. I never took a formal course in podcasting technology, although I certainly benefitted from the free resources provided by others like Cliff Ravenscraft, Dave Jackson, Daniel Lewis.

I started with the Shine Springs Farm Shinecast (2012, still available, details coming) and added Birmingham Shines in May 2015.

Birmingham Shines Podcast by Sheree Martin offers conversational profiles with the creators, innovators, makers and entrepreneurs of Birmingham, Alabama. 35 episodes are available as of March 10, 2016

The Ignite Alabama podcast was my third show.

Ignite Alabama is a podcast to spark innovation and entrepreneurship in Alabama. Launched in early July 2015 by Sheree Martin. Visit for details.

Discover Grow Shincast is my dream show and it's still in the early stage of development, although 8 episodes have been released.

Brief Overview of Background

A detailed professional profile of Sheree Martin is available here.

I transitioned from a successful 10-year career as a business lawyer in 1997 to a focus on freelance writing for industrial trade publications and strategic copywriting for other market sectors.

Testimonial for Sheree Martin from David Griner, Digital Managing Editor, AdWeek: "Having entrusted Sheree with several vital client projects, I can say she's as reliable as she is pleasant to work with. A consummate professional, she brings energy, professionalism and meticulousness to each writing project, and I've always been impressed with her work." by David Griner, Digital Managing Editor, Adweek

I also earned a Ph.D. in Mass Communication and spent a number of years in academia as a full-time college assistant professor.