Never Stop Believing

I was going to title this post “Don't Stop Believing” but then I realized I'd compete in the search results for anyone looking for the Journey video. So I changed the title….

But the message is the same:

Hold on to your dream, your vision.

And take action to make it a reality.

No action. No results.

You can only control the action you take. But if you take action, the results will amaze you.

I can only speak from my experience, but every step you take in pursuit of the vision you believe in takes you one step closer. Doors open, curtains rise, light shine.


And don't stop believing.

I have a confession: I was never much a fan of Journey back in the day, although I did have a perm in the late 70s, somewhat like the lead guitarist in this video.

But perhaps as a result of the nostalgic dotage of my “I think I”m eligible for AARP” years, I have begun to appreciate Journey.

Or maybe it's just nostalgia for those nights when I showed up at Solomon's Deli to hear ELI, a band that covered REO Speedwagon, STYX and Journey, rather than the Kinks and the Ramones.

There's a post-script below this video. And I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share YOUR vision!


When I was an 11-12-year-old I was a huge fan of three singers I called “the Johns:” Elton John, Olivia Newton-John and John Denver. Each of them had songs at the top of the charts during between 1973-1975.

One of Olivia Newton-John's songs around 1974 was “Don't Stop Believing.” I have the album. Still. Proof coming later, when I upload a photo of my LP. In the meantime, I'll close this post with her video and these lyrics:

“On those days that nobody wants to know you//
And all your smiles keep falling on stone-y ground//
Don't stop believing…
Bad days will hurry by.”

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