Last week I introduced what I'm calling The Path to a Happy Life when I published the first draft of an introduction to the Happy Life Manifesto.

Then, two days ago, I published Theses 1 – 19.

Today, I give you Theses 19 – 30. I'm repeating Thesis 19, just to establish continuity.

19. Security is an illusion.

20.  Faith destroys fear.

21. Action is evidence of faith.

22. Action = effort.

23. You can only control the quality and quantity of your effort.

24. You cannot control how your efforts are received.

25. You cannot control anyone else.

26. You do not control the results.

27. Action requires energy.

28. Energy depends on health.

29. Health has physical and spiritual elements.

30. The quality of the food you eat directly shapes your health.

I'll be commenting more on these later.

Writing yesterday's post: Transcend & Transform on top of a super-busy week at work just knocked the wind out of me. But I'm committed to publishing a new, useful post every day this month. So I hope you find today's excerpt from the Happy Life Manifesto to be somewhat useful, even in skeleton form.

I'd love to hear from you. Do you identify with one of these tenets?  Why or why not?


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