Dynamo Genius?

As I've said repeatedly, I enjoy taking personality and strengths tests, even the ones that aren't quite as vetted or validated as something like the MBTI.

Last summer, one of the email  newsletters I receive included a link to Roger Hamilton's My Genius Test.

I don't know anything about Roger Hamilton, other than what's available on his website, but I took the free version, out of curiosity.

The Dynamo Genius

The overall results weren't surprising: Dynamo Genius, with references to Ideas, Einstein and entrepreneurship.

Sheree Martin Dynamo GeniusThe free version is, of course, designed to lure me in to purchase the entire system so that I can understand the sub-types and details.

According to the report that came with my free results, “each Genius has a different type of ‘vision.'” The vision type that corresponds to the Dynamo Genius is “Perspective.”

Perspective gives a deeper view of what is possible.

That reminds me of my Fascination Archetype, as well as results from StrengthsFinder 2.0, as well as the Perceiver aspect of my personality.

Anyway, it's interesting and I wouldn't mind exploring the subtypes, but that's something I'll consider another day. Just thought I'd throw these results into the mix, as I finish up this project in self-exploration.

Note to Dynamo Genius Self: I'm finishing the project, by considering all pieces of data, and not just leaving it hanging. I've actually been very good about finishing projects that I care about. Sometimes, it takes longer than I had planned, but I eventually finish.

In reality, I perceive one of my biggest challenges to be an UNwillingness to quit when I realize that I'm going down the wrong path rather. I tend to spend more time than I should pursuing an endeavor after I realize it's going to be a dead-end.


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