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From March 2016 – present I have served as marketing consultant with Vulcan Security Systems, LLC, providing B2B content marketing strategy and content creation services. Vulcan Security Systems [VSS] is a Birmingham-based video security company serving the mid-size business and industrial market across Alabama.

overview of work

Samples of the content I've developed for Vulcan Security Systems are provided below. The broad strategy has centered on developing content that will answer questions of prospective customers in the VSS target market of mid-sized businesses and industrial operations across the state of Alabama.

The primary objective is to provide content that is helpful to these prospects who are searching online for commercial video security services, consistent with SEO best practices established by Google and other search engines.

Types of content I've produced for VSS include:

  • Blog articles–from “pillar” content to shorter form blog posts
  • Audio and audio/video case studies, webinar style videos, and short A/V segments
  • PDFs and other static slide presentations originally published on Slideshare (pre-Scribd acquisition) and embedded in the blog articles and further published on LinkedIn
  • “Flyers” and one-two page documents to distribute along with quotes and proposals for new/expanded security systems
  • Social media graphics for use on Facebook (pre-2020), Twitter, and LinkedIn to assist in marketing and, sometimes, with the aim of driving traffic to the website


I first began consulting with VSS around 2014, shortly after meeting the company's owner, Jason Maddox, at a Twitter for Business presentation. After that presentation (sponsored by the Birmingham Business Journal), I met with Jason, developed a general content strategy for the company, and wrote a few blog articles to help with website SEO.

About 18-24 months after that initial work with VSS, I got a call from Jason Maddox after he saw a content marketing strategy vs. tactics explainer, and a guide to creating content marketing strategy that I had published on LinkedIn (and on this blog). We met to discuss doing more content marketing strategy and content creation work for VSS–this time on a more structured basis.


Audio/Video Case Studies & Webinar Videos

Pillar / cornerstone articles / posts for VSS website

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