The V in November is for Vision

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The V in November is for Vision

This Musquee de Provence pumpkin that I grew last year is somewhat symbolic for me, as it represents many things I hold dear: Healthy food, lifestyle, the beauty of nature in the Fall season, honeybees, homemade pumpkin pie, sustainable agriculture, the Thanksgiving holiday (my favorite)…. The pumpkin also evokes the Cinderella story. I’m not in […]

Who Is Telling Your Story?

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Who Is Telling Your Story?

I’ve never been one to “toot my own horn,” as the saying goes. For most of my life I believed that my work would speak for itself and that self-promotion is, to be quite frank about it, a bit gauche. But the reality is that hard work, effort, ethical behavior and successful results are not […]

The Hashimoto’s Institute

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Do you have issues with your thyroid? Learn more at this week’s online Hashimoto’s Institute, featuring leading experts like Izabella Wentz, Pharm D., author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause. Yesterday I revealed that (much to my surprise) I was diagnosed as having hypothyroidism when my test results came […]

Hashimoto’s Diagnosis

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Here’s something I’ve never said publicly. And I’d never intended to talk about it publicly, but I keep seeing so many others dealing with similar problems that I feel like I can offer something new to this conversation. Nine year ago I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. It was several months after I’d finished […]

Obstacles and Opportunities

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Obstacles and Opportunities

A couple of years ago a message popped into my head: Every obstacle is an opportunity. I get those from time to time, some of my message quips are better than others. This one isn’t particularly unique. I’ve heard variations of “problems are just opportunities in disguise” from many sources over the years. But my […]

5 Recent TED Talks To Spark 2014

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These 5 TEDx talks don’t have the views as some of their more popular counterparts, probably because they’ve been released in the months since Fall 2012. Each of these speakers offers specific tips and action steps for changing your life in positive ways. The first three focus on selflessness and gratitude, while Priya Parker offers […]

What Is Health?

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Health is one the three pillars of a life well-lived. Health is more than the absence of serious disease. Health goes beyond the physical capacity to perform certain activities. Although physical capacity is an important signifier of health, it is not enough We are healthy when we are performing at our optimal physical, mental and […]

Do You See The Unexpected?

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Today’s post was going to be about health. But I’m postponing that for a day to share a story I heard this afternoon. It started like this: “What important historical event happened on this day 150 years ago?” I was in a meeting with about 40 college professors. No one could answer correctly. A: The […]

Are You A Cat In Gloves?

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Are You A Cat In Gloves?

Curiosity. It all started with earthworms. ‘Erms, I called them. Or maybe it was a bunny rabbit. My mother insists that I cannot remember the rabbit. She says I was much too young, not even a year old. I can see the rabbit, in my mind’s eye. Who knows if this a real memory or […]

Happy Life Manifesto: 19-30

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Happy Life Manifesto: 19-30

Last week I introduced what I’m calling The Path to a Happy Life when I published the first draft of an introduction to the Happy Life Manifesto. Then, two days ago, I published Theses 1 – 19. Today, I give you Theses 19 – 30. I’m repeating Thesis 19, just to establish continuity. 19. Security […]