Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

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Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

Water is a powerful force. Over time, a stream of water can carve a canyon through solid rock. A single drip from a leaky faucet can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars in water bills. Water will make an impact. Words and Stories Can Impact Whether you’re a marketer, a social change agent, a rock […]

Mind Meld with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark

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Mind Meld with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark

Sometimes I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark installed trojan horse in my computer a few years ago when I joined the Authority community. Or maybe he’s just a mind-reader. Of course, it might simply be a coincidence that has something to do with the fact that we’re both non-practicing lawyers of similar age who discovered the […]

Explaining the Shinecast

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So here’s a bit about how the Shinecast has evolved over the past year …. [I originally published a similar version of this to a private Facebook group that I’m a member of] The Shinecast vision has been (and continues to be) about helping others discover, find inspiration, grow and shine. The journey is where […]

This Was My Week: April 25, 2015

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I have a lot on my plate and can often get frustrated (with myself) when I don’t get everything completed that I have on my informal to-do list. This past week I came down with a nasty cold, probably due to a combination of pushing myself REALLY hard to launch my dream project, the stress […]

Shinecast Back Story-1

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Picture an elementary school cafeteria, circa 1969. All the tables have been pushed to the side. The room is now Main Street, America. Sidewalks paved with shiny waxed linoleum tile provide pathways into second-grade small businesses built from appliance boxes. My First Career Day I was the owner of a radio station, blasting out 0.00125 […]

Ideas & the Revival of The Ben Franklin Follies

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Ideas & the Revival of The Ben Franklin Follies

“I explore, connect, create and communicate ideas.” This is still the tagline of my Google Plus profile. For a long time, I used this tagline on all of my social profiles, but starting around 2012 or early 2013 I updated most of the bios to move away from promoting myself as an idea machine. I […]

My Three Words for 2015

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My Three Words for 2015

My three words for 2015 are: Sceptre, Beams, Orchard This year, I return to words that serve as metaphors. These three words are the windows to new opportunities and the windows that deliver illumination along the path that leads the way. Sceptre is my window to authority and the power to speak. Beams give strength, energy […]

The Unexpected for Thanksgiving

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my mom fell down the stairs and broke her hip. She’s been in a rehab hospital for a little over a week. My brother and his wife drove in immediately from their home in Colorado and they were able to take care of some things for my parents […]

The End of Fall

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The past few days have been beautiful in Alabama. In fact, we’ve had a picture perfect Fall season. Maybe a bit on the dry side, but the low humidity and blue skies have been a blessing. If I had to choose, I’d probably choose Fall as my favorite season. I love the promise of Spring, […]

Do You Know Your Story?

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Do You Know Your Story?

Your story is about the defining experiences that shaped you, molded you, refined you. Embrace your story, whatever it is. Your story reveals who you are, and your story reveals what makes you unique. From your story you find your strengths and talents that will enable you to make a contribution to this world that […]