Branding & The Ben Franklin Follies: Your Path to Health, Wealth & Wisdom

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Health, wealth and wisdom. I see these three words as the triad that signifies both the philosophy for, and evidence of, a successful, happy and integrated life. For some people—starting with me—the words “health, wealth and wisdom” conjure up the image of Benjamin Franklin publishing proverbs of common-sense wisdom in Poor Richard’s Almanack. Early to bed, […]

On Lemons, Instinct & Vision

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On Lemons, Instinct & Vision

It’s been slightly less than 4 years since I was blind-sided. It knocked me for a loop. But just for a night. I cried, called my brother, and then vented to a friend. And then picked myself up, dusted myself off, and started taking steps to take my life “to the next level.” Among other […]

Facebook Marketing Success System

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There’s still time to get in on Mari Smith’s Facebook Marketing Success System course. Starts today at 5 p.m. Eastern (US) time. I’m an affiliate, but I’ve previously learned tons from Mari’s from free webinars and her presentation to the Social Media Success Summit. Based on the webinar I viewed for this course, I’m confident […]

10 Things We Should Be Teaching Today’s College Students

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10 Things We Should Be Teaching Today’s College Students

I compiled this list for the Carnival of Journalism November cavalcade, so it is particularly designed for the “disciplines” of journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing and management. Despite the underlying motivation for my post, the tenets I put forth are, in reality, applicable to all fields. 1. Uncertainty is the norm, at least today and for […]

Respect Yourself? Respect Your Health

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Respect Yourself? Respect Your Health

Your health is your greatest asset,  second only to your reputation. So why do so many choose to disrespect themselves by disregarding their health? After years of grappling with this question, I’ve finally decided that it’s lack of awareness and understanding, not lack of willpower or commitment. For the most part, the pinnacle of the […]

One For The Helpless Kittens and Cats

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I’m tired tonight. So this post is on the fly and inspired by what’s in my heart. Today I received an email from a student who asked to be excused from class because her puppy died last night after being hit by a car. My heart cried out to her. Of course she was excused. […]

Embrace Your Inner Weirdness

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A couple of years after my first “choose myself” moment as a professional, I hung out my shingle as a solo practitioner. One day I was having lunch with another local lawyer, a casual friend. Not someone I knew very well. Out of the blue my lunching lawyer companion drops this bombshell: “Walker Jones [pseudonym] […]

Sleep Is Your Secret Weapon

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Did you know that sleep is one of the pillars of health and personal productivity? Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Poor Richard’s Almanack, courtesy of Benjamin Franklin If you know anything about me, you probably know that Benjamin Franklin is my hero. If you know me fairly […]

When Competing Expectations Collide

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When Competing Expectations Collide

We all have expectations for our lives, our families, our careers. When events and outcomes match up with our expectations we feel some level of satisfaction, perhaps even contentment. We’ve all experienced situations where the reality didn’t live up to our expectations. Temporary disappointment is the most common reaction. Too much disappointment can lead to […]

(Re) Discover Before You Reinvent

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(Re) Discover Before You Reinvent

Reinvention. That’s the hot buzzword right now. Reinvent yourself. Reinvent your career. Reinvent your business. Once upon a time it was enough simply to love ourselves. Well, we still need to love and respect ourselves, but to have a successful career or thriving business we must be prepared to do more. The reality is that […]