Backstory to the 2019 Healthy Eating Jumpstart

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For the next few weeks, I’m going to document my return to intermittent fasting (IF) and provide more specific details of how it’s working for me. I decided to kick-off 2019 with a few weeks of intensive IF to eliminate the 10+ pounds I gained when I added gluten back into my diet about 18 […]

Peace: The Parting Gift

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Peace: The Parting Gift

The Prince of Peace showed me early on that I have no reason to be afraid or have a troubled heart, but that it’s really about the absence of something we consider unpleasant. The peace that passes all understanding….well, let’s just say it took me a while to grasp it. Two hours after law school […]

Recent Freelance Articles

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For a little more than a year now, I’ve occasionally been hired as a freelance writer to write sponsored content articles for Alabama Media Group. These articles are published on (and possibly other digital media properties in the Advanced Digital corporate family.) Since I’m ghostwriting these articles as sponsored content, I do not have […]

Writing, Law and More

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You are a writer. You are called to write. You feel called to tell stories and offer messages of hope that will change lives, shine light into dark places, and spark change in the world. I know exactly how you feel. Over the years, I have come to understand that my own calling is in […]

What’s Been Going On?

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It’s been a long year+ since my last update on this website.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy (or even blogging), but my focus as been elsewhere. I returned to the practice of law, while continuing to work on the Shine Vision as much as time would permit. From April – July of 2016, […]

Dissecting a Failed Launch Strategy

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This post is a reflection on a year of brand confusion and my failed strategy for launching the Shinecast® media brand.  You see plenty of blog posts about success stories and how-to-succeed in digital business, but not many about the missteps. This post is an overview into a venture that didn’t work out as planned […]

Explaining Content Strategies & Tactics

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Explaining Content Strategies & Tactics

In my last post, I set out to explain my approach to digital content strategy development, which ties everything back to specific business goals and objectives using the POSTT approach: People, Objectives (as in Objectives for the Content Strategy), Strategies, Technologies and Tactics. This post is the companion piece, where I want to further explain […]

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

  Social media offers new channels of communication to serve existing customers and clients and reach new prospects. The challenge is this: Unless you have a meaningful plan to use social media to achieve some outcome, you’re probably spending time and money in the least effective way possible. So that’s why I focused on the […]

Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

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Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

Water is a powerful force. Over time, a stream of water can carve a canyon through solid rock. A single drip from a leaky faucet can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars in water bills. Water will make an impact. Words and Stories Can Impact Whether you’re a marketer, a social change agent, a rock […]

Teaching Through Food: Faculty Shoptalk

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Teaching Through Food: Faculty Shoptalk

For the Fall 2012 semester I proposed a faculty shoptalk on the topic of teaching through food, since the health benefits of real food and the economic benefits of a sustainable local food system are two of my favorite causes. I could easily see the value of using food as a theme to connect learning […]