The Impact of a Fall

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We never know what the day will bring. This past Saturday morning I slept a bit later than usual, until around 7 a.m. Did my usual journaling and morning reading while I had coffee, then moved to  in the kitchen where I started a jar of peppers for lacto-fermentation, washed more peppers, put chicken in […]

Dynamo Genius?

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As I’ve said repeatedly, I enjoy taking personality and strengths tests, even the ones that aren’t quite as vetted or validated as something like the MBTI. Last summer, one of the email  newsletters I receive included a link to Roger Hamilton’s My Genius Test. I don’t know anything about Roger Hamilton, other than what’s available […]

Explaining the Personal Growth Project

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Over the past 6-8 weeks, I’ve been blogging publicly on a regular basis about the results of various personality, strengths and interests assessments I’ve taken over the years. The idea to put these results out in public came to me when I wrote a post on telling the story of my personal brand. Over the […]

The Magician Goes Exploring

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According to The Storybranding Group’s PVSI assessment, I am a Magician AND an Explorer, thanks to a tied score. I’m nearing the end of this research project in which I’ve been reviewing the results of various personality, strengths and values assessments I’ve taken through the years as part of my effort to figure out how to […]

The End of Fall

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The past few days have been beautiful in Alabama. In fact, we’ve had a picture perfect Fall season. Maybe a bit on the dry side, but the low humidity and blue skies have been a blessing. If I had to choose, I’d probably choose Fall as my favorite season. I love the promise of Spring, […]

Work Values Assessment

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When I re-took the MBTI in late August along with students in a course I’m teaching, we also had the chance to complete the Work Values assessment. I finally found the PDF of those results and wanted to include them in this series. If you’re following along, this is another in a series of posts I’ve […]

Do You Know Your Story?

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Do You Know Your Story?

Your story is about the defining experiences that shaped you, molded you, refined you. Embrace your story, whatever it is. Your story reveals who you are, and your story reveals what makes you unique. From your story you find your strengths and talents that will enable you to make a contribution to this world that […]

My Fascination Archetype

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In the last post I introduced Sally Hogshead’s The Fascination Advantage and explained the basic premise of her system to analyze and classify communication styles and personality traits. If you’re following along, this is another of a series of posts where I explore the results of various personality and strengths assessments I’ve done through the […]

The Fascination Advantage

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The Fascination Advantage

Last summer (2014), I discovered Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate book and analysis through the many podcasts I listen to. I couldn’t NOT look into it. Like I’ve said, I think it’s a lot of fun to take these tests. In fact, it’s the results from The Fascination Advantage that prompted me to go back […]

Intellection and Input: StrengthsFinder 2.0

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Input and Intellection are two themes that emerged from the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment I completed in 2007 that didn’t show up in my 2012 results. In 2012, Input and Intellection were replaced by Maximizer and Achiever. Three themes were common to both set of results: Strategic, Ideation and Leaner. In this post I’ll explore […]