Dissecting a Failed Launch Strategy

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This post is a reflection on a year of brand confusion and my failed strategy for launching the Shinecast® media brand.  You see plenty of blog posts about success stories and how-to-succeed in digital business, but not many about the missteps. This post is an overview into a venture that didn’t work out as planned […]

Explaining Content Strategies & Tactics

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Explaining Content Strategies & Tactics

In my last post, I set out to explain my approach to digital content strategy development, which ties everything back to specific business goals and objectives using the POSTT approach: People, Objectives (as in Objectives for the Content Strategy), Strategies, Technologies and Tactics. This post is the companion piece, where I want to further explain […]

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

  Social media offers new channels of communication to serve existing customers and clients and reach new prospects. The challenge is this: Unless you have a meaningful plan to use social media to achieve some outcome, you’re probably spending time and money in the least effective way possible. So that’s why I focused on the […]

Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

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Impact or Reach: What Are You Seeking?

Water is a powerful force. Over time, a stream of water can carve a canyon through solid rock. A single drip from a leaky faucet can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars in water bills. Water will make an impact. Words and Stories Can Impact Whether you’re a marketer, a social change agent, a rock […]

Teaching Through Food: Faculty Shoptalk

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Teaching Through Food: Faculty Shoptalk

For the Fall 2012 semester I proposed a faculty shoptalk on the topic of teaching through food, since the health benefits of real food and the economic benefits of a sustainable local food system are two of my favorite causes. I could easily see the value of using food as a theme to connect learning […]

I’ll Take West Virginia, Please

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When I stepped to the front of the classroom, Mrs. Bowen already had the big, gray behemoth powered up. I carefully positioned volume W of the World Book Encyclopedia into the image capture area and a state map appeared on the grayish white screen pulled down over a section of drab green chalkboard. I gently […]

Mind Meld with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark

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Mind Meld with Copyblogger’s Brian Clark

Sometimes I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark installed trojan horse in my computer a few years ago when I joined the Authority community. Or maybe he’s just a mind-reader. Of course, it might simply be a coincidence that has something to do with the fact that we’re both non-practicing lawyers of similar age who discovered the […]

#YallConnect Highlights

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About 8-9 days ago I spent a couple of hours putting together this Storify account of the tweeted highlights of 2015 #YallConnect. At some point I hope to add my notes but since I haven’t had time to do that yet, I decided to just publish the highlights from Twitter. Here it is and I […]

Coming Full Circle?

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18 years ago—June 1997—I was in the midst of an internal struggle about what I should do next with my life. On the outside, I was a successful lawyer. I was a shareholder in my law firm and, for the first time in my life, starting to make “real” money, by which I mean that […]

Explaining the Shinecast

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So here’s a bit about how the Shinecast has evolved over the past year …. [I originally published a similar version of this to a private Facebook group that I’m a member of] The Shinecast vision has been (and continues to be) about helping others discover, find inspiration, grow and shine. The journey is where […]