This page offers a list of all academic courses taken for credit during my undergraduate, law school and doctoral program years of study at The University of Alabama. It does not include the courses I took in the LL.M. program at UF.

I earned a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, JD in Law, and BA in Communication (Major: Broadcasting, Minor: History).

Ph.D. Program:

I took the GRE in 1996:

  • Verbal = 670
  • Quan=460
  • Anal=620
  • Total=1750

The University of Alabama

SC 571 Seminar in Organizational Communication

MC 550 Research Methods

  • Dr. David Perry

MC 551 Seminar in Communication Theory

  • Dr. Dave Roskos-Ewoldson

MC 600 Proseminar in Communication Studies

  • Dr. Gary Copeland
  • Guest Lectures by Other Graduate Faculty

MC 631 Topics in Mass Communication Theory

MGT 621 Organizational Behavior and Group Performance

  • Dr. Deborah Crowne
  • Dr. Diane Johnson

TCF 577 Cinema Seminar: Star Texts and Star Performances

  • Dr. Jeremy Butler

MC 650 Topics in Knowledge & Information

MGT 610 Personnel Administration

MGT 622 Managing Organizational Conflict and Change

  • Dr. James Cashman

ST 550 Statistical Methods in Research I

LS 590 Issues in Librarianship: History of the Book

MC 650 Seminar in Mass Communication

ST 551 Statistical Methods in Research II

ST 575 Statistical Quality Control

Dissertation: Broadcast Radio Programming: A Content Analysis to Measure Diversity in Radio Airply

Law School

The University of Alabama

Law 600 Contracts I

Law 601 Property I

Law 602 Torts 1

Law 603 Criminal Law

Law 608 Civil Procedure I

Law 612 Legal Bibliography

Law 605 Contracts II

Law 606 Property II

Law 706 Torts

Law 609 Constitutional Law I

Law 641 Civil Procedure II

Law 648 Research & Writing III

Law 642 Evidence

Law 758 Agency and Partnership

Law 623 Alabama Legislation

Law 640 Constitutional Law II

Law 643 Federal Income Taxation I

Law 694 Land Use Planning

Law 767 Agricultural Law

Law 613 Trial Advocacy I/II

Law 645 Business Organizations

Law 647 Estate and Gift Tax

Law 660 Legal Profession

Law 661 Commercial Transactions I

Law 753 Federal Income Taxation II

Law 662 Commercial Transactions II

Law 676 Labor Law I

Law 702 Environmental Law

Law 709 Securities Regulation

Law 710 Public International Law (Best Paper, AmJur Book Award)

Law 724 Laws of Banking

Law 631 Labor Law II

Law 671 International Business Transactions

Law 672 Real Estate Practicum Workshop

Law 679 Real Property Security

Law 789 Sports Law

B.A. Communication

The University of Alabama

Major: Broadcast Film Communication

Minor: History

Senior Year

BFC 111 Telecommunication Aesthetics

BFC 120 Radio Fundamentals

HRM 310 Personnel Management

HY 415 The New South

HY 450 Europe Since 1914

MC 405 Social Responsibility

BFC 150 Television Fundamentals

BFC 380 Independent Study (Announcing, I think)

BFC 445 Telecommunication Media Management

MC 401 Mass Media Law & Regulation

NEW 341 Pre-law Internship

Junior Year

BFC 100 Intro to Telecommunication

BFC 112 Motion Picture History and Criticism

EH 102 English Composition II

HY 248 England Since 1688

MC 102 Basic Communication Skills

NEW 495 Seminar in Leadership

BFC 210 Telecommunications Programming

CSM 404 Personal Finance

HRM 300 Organizational Theory & Behavior

HY 221 US in the 19th Century

Sophomore Year

AMS 221 American Folklore

HPE 106 Beginning Golf

HY 104 US History Since 1877

MA 109 College Algebra

SOC 101 Intro to Sociology

EC 102 Principles of Economics II

HY 225 History of Alabama to 1865

LGS 200 Law Business & Society

PSC 204 International Politics

Freshman Year

ANT 102 General Anthropology II

EH 101 English Composition I

PSC 101 Intro to American Politics

SC 103 Voice and Diction

CL 222 Greek and Roman Mythology

ES 102 Principles of Physical Geology

MC 101 Intro to Mass Communication

HPE 101 Physical Conditioning

PHL 105 Critical Thinking

Northwest Alabama State Junior College

Attended Northwest CC in Summer between Freshman and Sophomore Year and between Sophomore and Junior Year and transferred these course credits to UA:

English Lit I

English Lit II

Principles of Accounting

Principles of Economics I

Basic Math

Tennis I